Governing Body Members


Governing Body - voting members


Charlotte Caniff  

Dr Charlotte Caniff
Clinical Chair


Claire Fuller

  Dr Claire Fuller
CCG Interim
Accountable Officer
ICS Senior Responsible Officer
    Matthew Knight
Chief Finance Officer

  Dr Joe McGilligan
East Surrey GP 

  Dr Shelina Jaffer
East Surrey GP
  Sian Jones   Dr Sian Jones
Guildford and Waverley
GP Representative

Darren Watts

  Dr Darren Watts
Guildford and Waverley
GP Representative
  Deborah Shiel  

Dr Deborah Shiel
North West Surrey
GP Representative

  Rebecca Rogers   Dr Rebecca Rogers
North West Surrey
GP Representative

Russell Hills

  Dr Russell Hills
Surrey Downs GP
  Andrew Sharpe   Dr Andy Sharpe
Surrey Downs GP
    Dr Timothy Bates
GP Member for
Surrey-wide Services

Jacqui Burke

  Jacqui Burke
Lay Member - Audit

Lay Member - PPE
(position vacant)

  Adrian Brown   Adrian Brown
Lay Member

Mark Byrne

  Mark Byrne
Lay Member
  Jonathan Perkins   Jonathan Perkins
Lay Member
  Steve Hams   Steve Hams

Caris Grimes

  Dr Caris Grimes
Secondary Care Doctor


Governing Body - attendees

Karen McDowell   Karen McDowell
CCG Deputy Accountable Officer
ICS Chief Operating Officer

Louise Stead

  Louise Stead
Place-based leader for the Guildford and Waverley ICP (also Chief Executive of Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust)

  Sumona Chatterjee   Sumona Chatterjee
System Director – CRESH (Crawley, East Surrey and Horsham)

  Jack Wagstaff
Place-based leader for the North West Surrey ICP
    Daniel Elkeles
Place-based leader for the Surrey Downs ICP (also Chief Executive of Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust)
  Clare Stone   Clare Stone
Director of Multi-Professional Leadership
  Rachael Crossley
Joint Director of Public Sector Reform (joint role with Surrey County Council)
  Trudy Mills   Trudy Mills
ICS Director of Children's and
Learning Disabilities Services
    Michael Pantlin
Director of Workforce and Digital

Helen Rostill

  Helen Rostill
ICS Director of
Mental Health Services
  Ruth Hutchinson   Ruth Hutchinson
Surrey County Council Representative

Details of future meeting dates and agendas/ papers are on the Governing Body Meetings and Papers page of this website.

Latest Register of Governing Body’s members’/ attendees’ interests available via the latest set of Governing Body meeting papers.




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