Engagement and Consultation Programmes


We believe that communicating and engaging with our local population is key to achieving our vision.


We do this by ensuring our public and stakeholders are at the centre of decisions that shape healthcare services, from planning to delivery.

As a commissioner, it’s really important we listen to local people to find out what services residents need and to ensure their needs are met, and to ensure that we have a true understanding of what people feel is important. Our aim is to be clear, focused and involve residents, patients, carers, member GP practices, staff, the voluntary sector and partner organisations in our communications and engagement.

Achieving our aim will be influenced by how well we engage, listen and act on the feedback from our whole community.


Current engagement and consultation programmes taking place across Surrey Heartlands


Better Care Together



Emotional Wellbeing and
Mental Health Service for
Children and Young People


The Big Picture


Improving Healthcare Together






Review Date: 2020-08-05
Review Due: 2021-08-04
Model Publication Scheme Class: Class 6: How we make Decisions