Annual Reports, Accounts and Audit


Annual Reports

Our Annual Report describes the work we have carried out over this year and outlines some of our most significant achievements and challenges. The Annual Report comprises of the following sections:

  1. Performance Report which includes an overview from our Chief Accountable Officer and information on how the CCG has performed in its key priority areas.
  2. Accountability Report introduces our Board members and their roles and gives important details about our governance and internal controls, including how we’ve managed risk and our resources.
  3. Annual Accounts which present the financial statements.


Annual Reports and Accounts 2019/20

The Annual Reports published for 2019/20 are for the previous Clinical Commissioning Groups prior to the formation of NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG in April 2020.


Annual Audit Letters

Annual Audit Letters summarise the key issues arising from the work that our external auditors carried out in respect of the year ended 31 March 2020. It is addressed to the CCG but is also intended to communicate the key findings identified to key external stakeholders and members of the public.

It is the responsibility of the CCG to ensure that proper arrangements are in place for the conduct of its business and that public money is safeguarded and properly accounted for.

It is the responsibility of our external auditors to plan and carry out an audit that meets the requirements of the National Audit Office’s (NAO’s) Code of Audit Practice (the Code). Under the Code, they are required to review and report on:

  1. The financial statements, regularity of income and expenditure and auditable parts of the remuneration and staff report;
  2. Whether the CCG has made proper arrangements for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources.


Annual Audit Letters 2019/20



Mental Health Investment Standard (MHIS) – Statement of Compliance

The planning guidance for 2018/19 stated that: “Each CCG must meet the Mental Health Investment Standard (MHIS) by which their 2018/19 investment in mental health rises at a faster rate than their overall published programme funding. CCGs’ auditors will be required to validate their 2018/19 year-end position on meeting the MHIS.”

CCGs are required to publish a statement after the end of the financial year to state whether they consider that they have met their obligations with regard to the mental health investment standard, that is to say that their investment in mental health for the financial year either has or has not increased by a greater percentage than their overall published programme allocation.


Annual Statement of Compliance and Assurance Opinion 2019/10



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Review Due: 2021-10-08
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